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Perfect for your restaurant, deli, catering event, or Chinese/Asian takeout venue, these 9" bamboo chopsticks will allow guests to enjoy your ethnic food! Great for anything from traditional fried rice, lo mein, sushi, and other Asian cuisine, these chopsticks create a unique dining experience for your guests. These non-connected, twin-style bamboo chopsticks are a fun and cultural alternative to traditional flatware in your dining or takeout establishment. They are great for all kinds of Asian cuisine.


Each pair comes individually wrapped in a fun, Asian-inspired red wrapper for sanitation, letting your customers know they're the first to touch their chopsticks. Yellow "Han characters" cover the wrapper saying, "good luck, long life, good health, and well-being." Made of bamboo, these disposable utensils are eco-friendly and can be thrown away for easy cleanup. Quickly add them to a takeout bag of food or have them set out for customers to place on their food tray.

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