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Why don't Chinese people use chopsticks made of steel? It would save lots of trees.

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This question could be divided into 2 question:

1、Why do the Chinese use bamboo chopsticks instead of iron one?

2、Why do the Chinese used to be high on wood chopsticks?

Answer of question 1:

    Heat conduction: Steel has high thermal conductivity comparing to bamboo. It means iron chopsticks is too cold when not in use, and too hot when you are using it. The same reason why we Chinese don’t use iron bowls, but porcelain blows.
    Friction Force : Iron chopsticks is smoother than bamboo one.
    Sound: Personally, I hate the sound of metal friction.
    Taste: Iron chopsticks isn’t friendly to tongue. It teste cold, lifeless and not natural. Bamboo one is more friendly.
    Weight: Steal is heavier than bamboo.
    Metallurgical Technology: It’s harder to make an iron chopsticks than and bamboo one in history.
    Price: Bamboo is more common than steal.
    Custom: You have a ton of reasons to justify what you are accustomed to, Whereas you are hard to understand it if you aren’t accustomed to it.

Answer of question 2:

Why do we Chinese used to be high on wood throwaway chopsticks?

Because we used to consider throwaway chopsticks as a indicate of industrialization. When throwaway chopsticks was introduced from Japan in the 1990s, it’s considered as a way of saving labour force and improving food safety. It made by machine and, just as its name, can be thrown away after use. Restaurants are honored to offer throwaway chopsticks, consumers would like to use it to show they are more civilized or Japanese-style. In short, It was considered as a luxury to throw away chopsticks.

But now, we have realize what we lost is far more than what we save by throwaway chopsticks. Therefore we have returned to the embrace of reusable bamboo chopsticks.

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