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The Origin and Beauty of Bamboo Chopsticks

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Generally, the bamboo chopstick is a very old utensil, especially in the Eastern Asia region. It lasts for over 6000 years and has spread through different cultures over time. It was commonly used for cooking majorly rather than eating, but with time people started incorporating it as a means of taking food from a dish. Chopsticks come in different materials like plastic, stainless steel, wood, and bamboos. Chopsticks are shaped sticks of equal length that comes in pairs, they derived their name from the Pidgin English “chop, chop” which means “quickly”. The first set of chopsticks came from bronze materials but the most commonly used chopstick in the contemporary times is the bamboo chopsticks.

The beauty about bamboo chopsticks is that they are relatively cheap. In comparison to other kinds of chopsticks, they are eco-friendly and convenient. They are easy to use and provide a great hold of the food. Because of their texture, food tends to hold very well instead of slipping out. Their temperature condition is low and their texture is smooth. The majority of the disposable bamboo chopsticks are easy to carry, cleans and disposed at will. Restaurants mostly use them to serve because of their stable ability, and they come in pairs and requires you to split them before using them. That way you can tell the difference between a used one and a new one.

Although some bamboo chopsticks don’t last for a long time, they depreciate over time after repeated use. But that doesn’t occur for all of them, there are some bamboo chopsticks that can last for over 5 years. That is why bamboo chopsticks are still the better choice. They are usually dry and that prevents bacteria. Also, people are usually not allergic to bamboo, it is rear and very uncommon, this however makes bamboo chopsticks a general choice for everybody.

Even though the choices of chopsticks to use are many, you can’t argue with the fact. Bamboo chopsticks are a lot healthier and inexpensive.

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